An Outlook On 2017

The level of maturity in how I treated both my professional and personal life skyrocketed this year. Not everything that I committed to or experienced this year was positive, but if there’s one thing that’s true, I became a better person because of it all. Today’s post is an outlook on 2017 and I hope this encourages you to take a moment to reflect on all the things that happened this year, and shed optimism for the things still yet to come…

An Outlook On 2017

“Scale” as my 2017 word of the year

In the beginning of the year, I wrote about how I wanted to adopt a particular word to help me successfully maneuver through my growth throughout 2017. I’m so thankful I adopted this method because it has literally saved me from a lot of stress and headaches. Defining my context for the word “scale” and identifying guiding questions continually helped me maintain sanity as I went knee deep into numerous projects and commitments as the year went along. Stay tuned for an upcoming post featuring my 2018 word of the year!

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An Outlook On 2017

Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts Post Series

I was fortunate to have a friend who thought of me when she had to cover the Showcase for the publication she was working for at the time. I connected with the Showcase’s Marketing and PR Chair who loved my idea of interviewing its 2017 designers. This post series was an opportunity for me to not only network, but also discover if interviewing other experts for my blog was a path that I wanted to take. I’m still exploring my strengths and interests in pursuing the topic of interior designing and decorating and the PSHA post series has provided a great foundation for that.

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An Outlook On 2017

An Outlook On 2017

The “You In Haiku” poetry series

Born out of a renewed passion for poetry and inspired by a trip to The Huntington Library, I created the “You In Haiku” poetry series to further creatively express my thoughts and attempted artistry. Since its creation, this has been one of my favorite ways to express my secret thoughts. So far, each group of haikus that I write have a similar theme, which you can pick up on based on the usage of first, second and third-person point of views as well as the particular topics highlighted in the haikus. I’m currently working on a new set of haikus to be published in 2018 revolving around topics such as millennial (generational) love as well as on domestic violence.

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An Outlook On 2017

Tobi fashion collaboration

I was extremely lucky to have been considered as a partner in showcasing Tobi’s apparel in a fashion collaboration earlier this summer. Quite frankly, although I revealed to have had the eye and love for fashion, I never saw myself showcasing it on my platform mostly because I just didn’t have enough confidence and didn’t see myself in that manner. I’m incredibly thankful to have been offered this opportunity because it truly challenged the way I saw myself and has ultimately been the catalyst for the shift in original content I’m now presenting on my platform.

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An Outlook On 2017

Evolution of the Editor’s Letters

If you’ve followed along for some time now, you’ll know that I love to write and talk about the essence of human beings, romance and relationships. A majority of my editorial letter posts have been very positive for the most part, but with the help of my “You In Haiku” poetry series and my Love Notes & Little Reminders, I’ve been open to being more vulnerable and exposing deeper stories. These posts (see: Me Too. Many Times Before.100 Days After August 27, 2017) illustrate topics and tones I enjoyed writing about when I was younger and also when I was using Tumblr as a private blogging outlet. Since beginning my platform here on WordPress, I strayed away from these darker moods for the better, but as an evolved young woman, I feel empowered to utilize ALL of my life experiences to become an expanded voice for others.

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An Outlook On 2017

An Outlook On 2017

Curly Hair Journey

In March of this year, I became aware of how unfaithful I was to my naturally curly hair. Confused about why, I spent the rest of spring and all of summer digesting this reality. At the end of summer, I committed myself to embracing my naturally curly hair by going on a healthy hair journey. I honestly didn’t mean for it to overtake a majority of the content on my platform, but after gathering material to write about why I was starting on this journey, I realized I couldn’t settle on the fact that a large part of why I didn’t appreciate it to begin with is because a curl-loving culture isn’t strong or represented in my ethnicity and race. Six months in and it turns out that a lot of people have enjoyed the documentation of my progress!

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Have you taken a moment to think about all of the things you experienced this year that has had an impact on your perspective? I really hope you dedicate some time to do so before the year ends and may those thoughts help propel your ambition for making 2018 rock!




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