Hi, I’m Rosie! When I began my curly hair journey, I did it without a blueprint. There was never one created for someone like me: an Asian woman with naturally curly hair.

The missing blueprint was exactly why it took me a long time to begin embracing my curls. I had no guidance on how to care for it and I seldom saw folks who look like me in the media that had the same hair texture or pattern.

In the three years that I’ve documented my curly hair experiences online, I’ve received inspiring messages from an outpouring of self-identifying API/AAPI folks writing, “This is my story, too.” I’ve since developed a passion for helping folks lead their best lives through curls, confidence and career.

Today, I’m empowered to be an active voice in both the curly and API/AAPI community, challenging outdated beauty standards and advocating that others do the same.

This commitment led me to start API Curls to celebrate wavy, curly and coily representation in the Asian and Pacific Islander communities. API Curls is my life calling. 

Join me on this mission of changing people’s lives, one hair strand and one hair history at a time.

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