A BEAUTIFUL THOUGHT: one other thing to be thankful for…

…and it wouldn’t be a complete list of what I am thankful for without acknowledging all of my loved ones! To my rather wild and entertaining family, and my sister who has always been like a mother to me and her son, my nephew, Little Leo, who reminds of the simple pleasures in life. To my closest friends who always know how to stretch my beliefs and thoughts and make me feel 100%. To my co-workers and career partners who are constantly adding to my level of professionalism and foundation.

And lastly, but never least, to my beau, M, who never forgets to play the songs I love, who never hesitates to make me chocolate chip cookies (his particular recipe is the best I ever had), and for all those moments when I realize that your arms are hung around me or when our hands are intertwined, but cannot remember how or when or why it ever happened…the love we have for each other is like the fundamental element of what is read in romance novels, what is sung in love songs and what is written in poetry.

Here’s to 10 years of knowing and loving each other, 10 years to the most beautiful friendship I have ever known and 10 years full of thousands of kisses, each one as soft and electrifying and unique as the first.

Wishing you all a very warming Thanksgiving holiday and to best cherish this time away from my daytime career, will not be posting on Soul Cal Love until the following Monday…but there are always adventures to be had and shared on Instagram.

Feature photo: iPhone photography & graphic taken and created by Rosie of Soul Cal Love


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