“Who are you in need of?” he asked.

Without hesitation I confessed to him, “Someone who understands I operate on my own command. Someone who understands that my greatest idea of freedom would be to practice who I am daily and be appreciated for it.”

“A lot of men have difficulty dealing with a strong woman,” he responded. “You need someone to lift you up and elevate your strength.”

You need someone to lift you up & elevate your strength,” he recognized. An intimate exchange that I recently had & it echoes the historic moment that took place during this weekend’s Women’s March across the world where a record-breaking number of women, men & children stood and congregated in an effort to lift and elevate the strength of what already exists in us all: the power to unite with others alike & unlike us for the greater good. I could not think of a better way to spend a weekend than to celebrate it with those who are uplifting & empowering.

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