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5 Writing Prompts To Inspire Creativity | Vol. 1 Ch. 2

By December 21, 2016 No Comments

The Writing Prompts post series is being enhanced via a slideshow featuring a charming mix of beautiful imagery with ideas on how to inspire creativity based on previous Editor’s Letters. This month’s writing prompts is a mix of pondering what meeting new people would be like if we made a very simple proposed switch, dating timelines, what it means to be present and more.

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Featured Instagram Image: @richellehunter

“What if people offered to buy a book instead of a drink for others?” a young woman asked me at a bar the very night I met her. Share whether you think this approach would fare well for strangers. If someone proposed this to you, how would you react? Would you be willing to try this little change someday?

Writing prompt inspired by: Buy Me A Book, Not A Drink

Instagram Image: @sandrasemburg

Have you ever thought about applying a post-breakup timeline for healing? Is there a tried and true method for “moving on” from a previous relationship. If there is or there is not, write about your experiences leaving a past relationship behind…

Writing prompt inspired by: Post-Breakup Timeline For Newly Singles

Image: Pinterest

Accidentally left behind some cherished objects with your ex-lover? Write a list of your EX FILES and claim what you’d like to retrieve back once and for all.

Writing prompt inspired by: The Ex Files

Instagram image: @raffaellaferrigno

What does it mean to be present and in the moment? Identify what it takes to live this principle and the many benefits of it, and be sure to practice it more often from this day forward.

Writing prompt inspired by: Wherever You Stand, Be The Soul Of That Place

Instagram image: @stalman

A KNOWN DIFFERENCE on those who do make a dent in the universe: they understand their value and their purpose. Ownership of worth also breeds gratefulness so write about how you wake up grateful every day and how you can do more of this.

Writing prompt inspired by: How I Wake Up Grateful Every Day

Instagram image: @kaylagazsi

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