Rosie has a swipe of the Evolve Organic Beauty Radian Glow Mask on her face and is holding the mask tub in her hand.

I’m Doing These 5 Things Every Week to Stay Sane While Safe at Home

Rosie has a swipe of the Evolve Organic Beauty Radian Glow Mask on her face and is holding the mask tub in her hand.

Work has filled my time ever since the mandated lockdown, but I’ve also been developing new habits and hobbies to keep from burning out.

Here’s what I do weekly to manage my sanity:


I was already doing this, but remaining committed to my nightly skincare routine has helped maintain my sense of normalcy. Plus my skin has been looking EXTRA GLOWY and clear.

Masks I’m currently using:


I had such a great track record with all of my productivity and then my energy and motivation plummeted tremendously.

This is my time to learn how to become more forgiving and let go of my desire to control my efficiency.

As someone who naturally gets excitable over lot of ideas, it’s easy for my commitments to become overwhelming and for my activities to become misaligned with my greater goals and intentions.

To manage this, I’ve been doing a pulse check with myself EVERY DAY. Yes, every day because that’s how much I need for it to be effective.

The question that I ask is, “What is my priority based on my end goals and how are the things I’m doing today benefitting that?”

When I’m consistent with these daily pulse checks, I tend to stress less over my commitments.

It also gives me a chance to reevaluate what I’m doing and mentally gives me the reassurance to SLOW DOWN a lot more.


I’ve been coloring almost every night as a way to relieve stress. In addition to coloring books, I’ve been downloading and printing out artwork by illustrators who’ve created coloring pages in response to COVID-19 including Audrey Kawasaki (one of my favorite modern artists).

Coloring as a therapeutic art activity turns off my mind from working constantly. I’ve been using Nuvo Watercolor Pencils (I have the pastel and multicolor pack) as well as Emott Ever Fineliner water-based pens from M.Lovewell.

A flatlay of the Elena Stonaker coloring book along with Emott Fine Everliner pens and Nuvo Watercolor Pencils


I’ve mentioned quite a few times that I enjoy being in Facebook groups. To prevent myself from going stir crazy or feeling alone, I contribute to threads on a nightly basis.

Some of my favorite groups right now include:


In the beginning, when people were panicking and stockpiling, I had a difficult time getting a hold of my staples that were switched to organic to help alleviate my PMS symptoms.

As a result of lack of access, and because I was generally stressed about being in public, I resorted to purchasing cheap, convenient, comfort food. BIG MISTAKE.

I paid for it in the month of April as my symptoms immediately reappeared and tortured me all month long.

This rude awakening served as a reminder that I really need to be sourcing my foods better if I want to maintain peace in my wellness.

Luckily, stores now have a system in place that gives people a fair chance of grabbing grocery items without having to worry about running out.

What are you doing that’s helping you stay sane and balanced during lockdown?

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