2021 Word of the Year: HOMECOMING

2021 Word of the Year: HOMECOMING

2021 Word of the Year: HOMECOMING
Location: Irvine, CA

This year, I’m selecting the word HOMECOMING to guide my year. I came to this term after realizing a connection between self-evolution through my words of the year.

  • 2017 / SCALE (understanding why work is a source of validation)
  • 2018 / REPRESENT (identity through curls)
  • 2019 / FEARLESS (confidence after trauma)
  • 2020 / NOSTALGIC (identity before trauma)
  • 2021 / HOMECOMING (healing after trauma)

In 2020, I explored what my true identity was before I ran away from it after experiencing multiple forms and incidents of trauma, in addition to choosing to not embrace my naturally curly hair for so long (which is a form of running away from my true self). In quarter four of 2020, I began reading “The Art of Seduction” by Robert Greene, author of one of my favorite books titled, “48 Laws of Power.” Much of what is discussed in both these books feel quite innate to who I am: someone in tune with human psychology, magical connections and philosophy.

Upon reflection, I felt a strong pull towards coming back home to who I was and who I’m meant to be. I think of home as our identity and sense of self.

My guiding questions:

  • What gifts was I born with, that come natural to me? In what ways are these gifts aligned with my greater purpose and lifework? How am I utilizing these gifts to provide value and service to others?
  • When I view the concept of home as identity and sense of self, how do I continue to nourish and furnish that home so that it’s a place I want to live? What about the space I create and hold for others-how am I ensuring this is a comfortable home to enter?
2021 Word of the Year: HOMECOMING
Location: Irvine, CA

As I utilize HOMECOMING to step into my own throne, here’s how I foresee this theme to support my 2021 goals:


Two years into my business as a Branding and Communications Consultant, I’m officially at a point where I can no longer operate without a CRM (Customer Relationship Management tool). I needed a place to manage all my business development strategy, operational and marketing tactics, and client projects. It was getting out of hand and I struggled with a feeling of overwhelm in the quarter four, which led to burnout and exacerbation of my worst PMS symptoms.

In the last two weeks of 2020, I spent this time in silence building out a custom CRM for my business using Notion, which my friend Supal graciously introduced me to (she didn’t realize how obsessed I’d become with it)!

Adopting a CRM is crucial to scaling any business. Now that Notion is hosting all my ideas, ambition and projects, I can now automate my editorial calendar while focusing on developing new products/services in 2021 (I’ve got some bold ideas for you coming up!).

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With my CRM, I’m able to prioritize business development and see where prospects and leads are living in my pipeline. It also hosts information as to what I’m making per month based on income stream. I’ve needed to see this so I can figure out how to diversify my income stream. Additionally, I’ve purchased professional memberships to business networks that make sense for me (creative female entrepreneur, minority owned business, etc.). I can already say that these memberships have been beneficial to my professional development! I’ll also be taking the plunge by purchasing more studio equipment for better quality content.

2021 Word of the Year: HOMECOMING
Location: San Marino, CA


I truly enjoyed reading this blog post by chloédigital (Female Black-owned business) about 2021 New Years Resolutions for Influencers, applicable to any digital creator. They wrote it so well in that, “Right now the influencer industry is very siloed and often a very lonely place to operate your business. With constant comparing and contrasting with others, it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. To break this cycle is to be active in breaking it. Collaborate more with content creators. Build each others’ communities and leverage each other’s voices. This is the best way to not only stifle the tunnel vision but also find opportunities to innovate.”

Collaboration and visualizing the digital creator space as community rather than competition is what’s really going to lift this new industry into a better respected job choice for those who choose to pursue. (Watch my interview with Florence Williams on the API Curls HEADLINER series for more on this) I’d like to be involved with more creative and impactful collaborations, with brands, organizations and other creators.

2021 Word of the Year: HOMECOMING
Location: Downtown Los Angeles, CA

So what about you: What’s going to be your word or theme of the year? What goals do you have in mind that you want to crush?

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