My 2020 Word of the Year: Nostalgic

Rosie standing on a cliff in Echo Mountain, Altadena, CA, right when the sun rises.

You might be thinking, “Why use ‘nostalgic’ as an intentional word of the year and how is that relevant to moving forward?” There were A LOT of times last year when I felt disconnected, off-centered and uncreative. When I was in my period of reflection late last year, some word ideas that came to my mind were:

  • Genuine
  • Complete
  • Fulfilled
  • Centered
  • Grounded
  • Humbled
  • Whole
  • Nostalgic
  • Reminiscent
  • Sentimental
  • Wistful
  • Memorize

The patterns I noticed in the words I came up with were that I wanted to be sure I felt warm and fulfilled in my heart. And I always remember what that feels like when I participate in an activity that brings up nostalgia for me. Music is always my greatest example.

When I listen to music that I’ve fallen in love with since childhood, and truly listen to songs that have touched me deeply, I’m able to feel very connected to what I felt then, which is what nostalgia is all about. This strong connection that I have usually results in an awakening of my creativity, and because I’m reminded of what makes me feel happy, or what once made me feel happy, I can regain balance and become centered again.

From utilizing NOSTALGIC as my 2020 intentional word of the year, I’ll allow it to guide me when I ask:

  • Are my day-to-day rise-up, on-the-go, and wind-down activities bringing me clarity and balance?
  • Do I feel a positive and passionate attachment towards where and what I’m putting my time and effort into?
  • Is what I’m doing right now bringing me closer to a connection that I’m trying to build or sustain?

Candid shot of Rosie on Echo Mountain.

Here are some other ways that I’m setting intentions for the year:


I’d like to be at a point in my business where affording various forms of health insurance or paying for wellness check ups and maintenance isn’t an issue. I’ve been lucky to be in good health and have been able to pay for out-of-pocket health expenses, but this is an arena that I’d like to give more financial support to.

What I’ve been doing well with is allowing myself to “earn” my days off so that vacation and sick days never come with a side of guilt. I’d like to increase my earned PTO (paid time off) by three times the amount of what I allotted for myself in 2019.


I’d like to commit to a weekly yoga class with my favorite instructor, Cheryl, which means I’d more than likely see her either Friday early evenings or Sunday mornings.

In 2019, I got away from increasing my weights during strength training and found myself only able to “maintain” my workout schedule, but not challenge my body as much as I’m used to. I’d like to see myself engage in more strength training this year and finally crush my upper body weight lifting goals.

One of the ways in which I’d like to maintain my workout schedule while enriching my relationship with nature, is to go on hikes or visit nature centers (like my all time favorite, The Huntington Library) more often. To manage this commitment without overkilling my schedule, I plan to engage in at least one activity per month and already have half the year mapped out!

Rosie standing in front of the Los Angeles, CA skyline during sunrise.


Although not necessarily a newly developed liking, lately, I’ve gravitated towards raw, muted, earthy, soft and sensual moods and materials, which hasn’t been what I’ve aesthetically produced in the past. Emulating this long lost love is a stylistic evolution that I’ve been slowly revealing in my content (color palette, visual imagery, branding elements).

One of the things I repeatedly wrote in my 2020 goals workbook is that I’d like to see myself communicate who and what I am, and what I do for a living/for fun, in a more confident and firm manner. To make this happen, I’ll be updating my “about me” / biography section, finalizing my blog’s media kit and polishing up my creative portfolio.

Without revealing too much, API Curls will be developed into something much bigger than what I originally made it to be on social media when it was just a hashtag.


In the last quarter of the year, I decided to do a mini makeover of my closet organization as well as my home desk space. Both have been crucial for my peace of mind and creativity, and to build from those projects, I’d like to design a custom family and friends photo album to have sitting at either my nightstand or home office, as a way to inspire nostalgia.

Another way to bring this inspiration to life is to figure out how to better incorporate music into the mix. I currently own a metal phonograph (that I absolutely love) that amplifies my music devices, however I’m still considering a set of wireless bluetooth head phones for ease of listening to music and podcasts while engaging in my daily routines.

Carving out time to read and journal once a week is going to be crucial if I really want to remain centered, connected and creative. Instead of being stuck with how and when to do it, I’m allowing myself the freedom to, at the very minimum, engage in these activities in whichever manner is appropriate for the day.


Because of the profound impact eating organic has had on my PMS symptoms, I’ll absolutely be continuing with this lifestyle and have no plans to ever go back to life before that.

Other wellness goals include

  • Participate in a weekly check in with myself
  • Be better about slowing down
  • Participate in daily rituals (rise up/wind down routines)

The sunrise on Echo Mountain, Altadena, CA.
The cutest little cloud spot hanging over a mountain.

In 2017, I chose to SCALE, in 2018, I chose to REPRESENT, in 2019, I chose to be FEARLESS. This year, I’m choosing to be NOSTALGIC to keep myself centered, creative and connected.

What’s your 2020 intentional word of the year?

*Photos taken during sunrise on Echo Mountain in Altadena, CA.

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  1. I LOVE the idea of enrichment goals!! So clever and very much something I want to do. It also makes goals like “read more” a bit more enticing.

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