My 2019 Word Of The Year: Fearless

My 2019 Word Of The Year: Fearless

In 2017, I chose to “scale,” in 2018, I chose to “represent,” and in 2019, I’m choosing to be FEARLESS.  

With the word “fearless,” my guiding questions are:

  • How can being fearless help me accomplish my goals?
  • What positive impact can being fearless have on the community I represent?
  • Will there be a different outcome on something I’m doing if I approached it with a sense of fearlessness?

Setting an intentional word of the year has been very helpful for me so far and I plan to do it more often. Here’s where I’d like to see more growth and fearlessness in 2019:


At this point, I’ve proven to myself that I can be a self-employed business woman/girl boss/boss babe and break even. The focus now should be on to build upon my currently livable income while practicing sustainability. I’m mostly nervous about how things will fare out during tax season, but I’m fairly confident that things will smooth out after filing. I have a few ideas for generating multiple streams of income while capitalizing on investment funds so this year’s biggest challenge will be based on how I’m able to launch some big dream projects.My 2019 Word Of The Year: Fearless
My 2019 Word Of The Year: Fearless


I’d like to go back and focus on my upper body being an area of improvement for my body. I was hoping to bench press at 90lbs last year, but stayed stagnant at 60lbs. During November and December of last year, I did notice that I found more joy in my upper body workouts and I believe it had to do with the fact that I’m seeing actual progress and am mentally motivated to keep going. I’ve also begun to incorporate more running into my routine. I’ll replace heavy leg weights for sturdier cardio days.


This year, I do plan on upgrading my phone which will help me continue to provide the same quality content (but better in other ways) while operating at a very independent, minimal level. I met with someone recently to discuss branding ideas and will be unveiling new materials adopting a branded look soon. Lastly, I do plan on being more vocal about culture, representation, diversity and inclusion as part of my story and brand.

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As much as I love to listen to podcasts, I haven’t discovered a rhythm that makes me feel like I’m consuming in such a way that makes me satisfied. I recently learned that if I were to listen to a podcast through headphones, I’d enjoy it more because I’d be more focused and can potentially practice movement while doing so. I’m planning on investing in the appropriate tools necessary to make this activity a priority.


Literally in the middle of the year last year, I decided to finally go off of birth control. The only reason why I was taking pills in the first place was so that I could control my PMS symptoms, and I was successful at it during these last three years. However, I felt it was time to address my symptoms holistically, especially after reading Flo Living by Allisi Vitti, which was life changing for me.

What’s going to be your intentional word of the year?

Throughout the year, I plan to check in with myself and ask if I’m practicing being FEARLESS often enough to make 2019 a great year. What’s going to be your word of the year?

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