5 Writing Prompts To Inspire Creativity & Conversation | Vol. 1 Ch. 3

LATELY, I have been incredibly fascinated with the concept of mind mapping: jotting down our thoughts in a rather organized fashion in order to visually capture trends and themes not easily apparent when information is scattered and jumbled in our brains. Since December I have been noticing very distinct occurrences that are thoughtfully connected to a more climatic scene or idea, much like my previous mention of how firmly I believe in the universe conspiring itself to bring us to our fate.

Two conversations I had last weekend echoed confirmation that I must practice mind mapping, that there is something special waiting for to reveal itself to me…until then, today’s new installation of 5 writing prompts strongly explores the art of gratitude and retrospection of the previous year, and so much more. Previous 5 writing prompts.

Photo: The Glam Pad

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