Tuesday, December 6, 2016 | By Rosie Chuong

Editor's Letter: You Are Enough... - by Rosie Chuong

We are among thousands of individuals now spending both time and money in search of perfect gifts for the ones we love across the globe. Stretching wallets and going mad over deals, it could be easy to feel lost at sea next to a school of people who are attempting to do the same, both externally and internally. In addition to holiday shopping, my firm and I are prepping for an office move. We are relocating from the ever blooming Downtown Glendale to Pasadena by the 14th of December. During my short time here with the firm and at this particular office location, will truly miss this place.

In Downtown Glendale, we are located in a corner building on Broadway and Brand, addressed as 100 North Brand, that once was a bank. Built in 1923, 100 North Brand was the first six-story building in Glendale and to this day, is still at the center of business in the city. Already having received a historical landmark award, it still embodies a 1920’s grandeur in the space considering the wood, brass and marble moldings throughout the building’s interior. This impossibly perfect blend of classic architecture and contemporary interior design has made it quite the dreamy space to work, considering my own taste for design and decor. There is a small community feel to the area and it holds some historic charm. One of the benefits is that the building is walking distance to The Americana, a premiere shopping destination, as well as many other trendy restaurants that keep popping up (Shake Shack and Halal Guys to name a few).

Here is where I was always able to walk to cozy cafes, to a beautiful post office just down the street. Here is where I met an important mentor and met many other people who have encouraged my imagination to flourish, all due to a building that offered executive suites and housed many entrepreneurial ventures. It will no longer be easy to meet such ambitious, hard-working individuals any longer. We will be relocating to our own stand alone building that will have a store front. The move itself was catalyzed by the fact that we have outgrown our space and as positively exciting this milestone is, this inevitable change has made me realize how perfect our current office was for my transition from eight years of Orange County to a new city where I knew no one.

This all relates back to this month’s quote, “YOU ARE ENOUGH“, as I have been attributing my success to meeting new people to this fascinating, thriving building and allowing myself to believe that this was the only reason why I have been able to prosper as I have, but not truly recognizing my own potential to embark on a new challenge in establishing new relationships in a new designated workspace.


And if holiday shopping has given you more pressure to attribute quantity over quality of gifts, or if you are also experiencing some sort of shift that has made you feel just a little bit uneasy, may this month’s quote remind you that you are, in fact, enough.

Rosie Chuong

Image: @radiantmagazine