Wednesday, November 23, 2016 | By Rosie Chuong

Weekend Wishes & Links To Love | November 2016


Emotional pain is universal, but each person’s experience is utterly unique. A pang of anxiety, the dull throb of loneliness, the sting of disappointment or heartbreak—these are things we all feel, but respond to differently.  Some lash out, others hide away. I tend to minimize my feelings in an attempt to “not be a burden.” To be human is to feel, and feel deeply; however, pain tells us we are alone in our hurt and powerless against it. Rather than let it drive us apart, we have to choose to find strength and unity in pain.

Acknowledge the validity of what you are feeling.

Some of the truest words I have heard about pain were written by John Green. “That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.” I also find it refuses to go away until you allow yourself to truly feel it. The best way to have power in the midst of pain is to recognize it.

Tell yourself the truth about your pain: it is not permanent.

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Weekend Wishes & Links To Love | November 2016

Weekend Wishes & Links To Love | November 2016

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Photos: @cupofherbaltea | Vogue Runway (Chanel Couture Fall 2016)