Jazz Bar Intimacy Records II

Jazz Bar Intimacy Records II

Theophilus London – Life of a Lover (Remix) ft. Jessie Boykins III & Blu

Today’s post from the Jazz Bar Intimacy Records series focuses on one of my favorite alternative hip hop artists, Theophilus London. Adopting genre-bending sounds with new wave sensibilities and electro, London’s break into the music scene was certainly timely as a new wave (pun intended) of hip hop artists emerged. Stylistically, this particular group of young artists broke barriers of what most rappers are known for-lyrics focused on being rich, video vixens and owning the finest material things. Instead, this groundbreaking surge of rappers, Kid Cudi and Drake to name a couple, stylistically driven by inner emotions and romantic relationships, became all the hype.

My first encounter of London was purely random. I was on 2dopeboyz.com in search of a completely different artist when I was prompted to listen to his song, “Life Of A Lover”, after reading an excerpt on it.

Trinidad born, but always making references to being from Brooklyn, London cites influence from a range of artists including legends such as Michael Jackson and Prince, as well as Kraftwerk and The Smiths. Produced by Clubhouse, a duo created by Matt McMahon and Andrew Reid, the song “Life of A Lover” is introduced by a butter smooth beat laced together with Jesse Boykins’ vocals and bars from another very favorite alternative hip hop artist, Blu.

And with such a seductively cool, jazzy track in his diverse lineup of songs, it’s safe to say that ultimately, Theophilus London is the difference between dope and cool.

Photos: via Fashion Gone Rogue