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10 things to be thankful for

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This is more than just a list conveniently posted around a particular November holiday…although I promised a 5 things to look forward to this week post, thought it would be more enjoyable and creative to spotlight something else – there are so many things to be thankful for that have been recognized throughout the year and today, wanted to share and celebrate with you these things that I have expressed gratitude for all year long!

Hoping that you have been taking moments here and there to recognize the many blessings and positives in your life and here are 10 things I am thankful for…

10 things to be thankful for
1. Thankful for the flowers that bloom all year long, and especially the ones I have noticed when visiting family, to the beautiful pink camellias at Little Leo’s grandparent’s house, to the iceberg roses around my neighborhood, and to my mother’s beautiful roses when visiting her.

10 things to be thankful for2. Thankful for the ability itself to recognize when gratitude should be expressed, and for a particular book that has helped craft many written notes and hellos and miss yous and thank yous to my loved ones throughout the year.

10 things to be thankful for3. Thankful for the concerted effort that close friends make to spend time with each other, in enjoying parties, in celebrating life, in cooking and in developing deeper friendships as each year passes by.

10 things to be thankful for4. Thankful for the endless supply of knowledge and poetry provided through the internet by the means of many favorite blogs and social media, but also by way of a particularly favorite used bookstore and libraries.

10 things to be thankful for5. Thankful for that very special visit to the Huntington Library on Valentine’s Day this year, which opened a new world in exploring the beauty of nature and cannot wait to return through my much anticipated membership with the Library.

10 things to be thankful for6. Thankful for the purest of summer skies in southern California that only locals can truly understand.

10 things to be thankful for7. Thankful for all of the wonderful trips that I have taken so far this year, from Chicago, IL to Seattle, WA and it all could have not been possible without the generosity of loved ones.

10 things to be thankful for8. Thankful for the ability to enjoy sweets, which has brought all my loved ones closer to each other, because love is chocolate after all

10 things to be thankful for9. Thankful for access to the arts, and the means to view and enjoy it in person and sometimes even through Instagram.

10 things to be thankful for10. Thankful for the belief that magic exists in the most unexpected of places.

Photos: all iPhone & Instagram photography by Rosie of Soul Cal Love for @soulcallove


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