My Top 10 Favorite DevaCurl Styling Product Combinations

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DevaCurl has literally changed my life and my hair for the better. Once I started using DevaCurl, my curls transformed more than I could ever imagine them to be and I was able to see lots of hold and definition simultaneously in my hair.

There are so many things to love about this brand, including the fact that it’s cruelty free, doesn’t contain any silicones, sulfates or parabens in any of its products and there’s a very wide range of products to play with depending on your hair’s wants and needs. Which brings us to today’s post featuring my 10 favorite DevaCurl styling product combinations.

I got a lot of positive feedback about doing a review on a brand’s full product line like how I did it for Miss Jessie’s. I wanted to do the same thing with DevaCurl only with the twist of showing how versatile its stylers can be. If you enjoy switching things up every once in a while, this post is for you. Scroll below for all my favorite product combos!

This is a flatlay of 8 DevaCurl stylers laid on white satin fabric

My Top 10 DevaCurl Combos For My 2C/3A Fine Wavy Curly Hair

  • Combo 1: One Condition Delight + Ultra Gel + Diffuse + Beautiful Mess + Diffuse
  • Combo 2: One Condition Delight + Styling Cream + Ultra Gel + Diffuse + Beautiful Mess + Diffuse
  • Combo 3: Styling cream + Air Dry
  • Combo 4: Low Poo + Styling Cream + Light Gel + Air Dry
  • Combo 5: Low Poo + Ultra Gel + Air Dry
  • Combo 6: One Condition Delight + Styling Cream + Ultra Gel + Air Dry
  • Combo 7: One Condition Delight + Styling Cream + Diffuse
  • Combo 8: One Condition Delight + Ultra Gel + Hair Spray
  • Combo 9: B’Leave In + Air Dry
  • Combo 10: Low Poo + B’Leave In + Styling Cream + Air Dry

This is an infographic outlining my top 10 favorite DevaCurl styling product combinations

My Thoughts On Why My DevaCurl Product System and Combos Work Well For My Hair

Low Poo Delight
If you have hair that needs weightless moisture, Low-Poo Delight is a great place to start for frizz control while achieving body. It’s a gentle, mild-lather conditioning cleanser made with ingredients like rice protein, lotus flower and chia-flaxseed extract. This light formula helps manage my frizz and has a bright citrus scent.

One Condition Delight Weightless Waves Conditioner
This particular conditioner is my holy grail leave in conditioner. It gives weightless moisture and helps hair retain softness! I don’t just use One Condition Delight as a leave in to pair with other DevaCurl stylers, I love using it when I’m experimenting with other brand products as well and it’s just so perfect for giving me hydration and protein without weighing my hair down.

Styling Cream Touchable Curl Definer
This particular curl cream is one of the lightest compared to other ones I’ve tried. What’s important to know about Deva products is that their formulas are concentrated so you don’t need to use a lot. One pump of the Styling Cream and I’m able to achieve frizz-free, very defined and bouncy curls! It contains ingredients like jojoba, tapioca starch and protein to help tame my frizz prone curls without any crunch whatsoever. It smells like cotton candy!

B’Leave In Miracle Curl Plumper
I was able to achieve some very interesting piece-y spirals using the B’Leave In alone during the summer. I love that it smells a little bit like rose. To me it feels super conditioning and glides very easily through the hair.

Beautiful Mess Curl Sculpting Pomade
The moment I first started using this Beautiful Mess Pomade, I haven’t stopped. I particularly use this to SOTC (scrunch out the crunch) my hair with because what it ends up doing is ensuring that some of my curl strands that are super frizz prone to stay intact once I release the gel cast from my hair. I also will do a spot treatment on any strands that aren’t behaving. The pomade is perfectly sticky and moisturizing enough to address any “loose ends” on your hair in case you want a head full of perfect uniform curls. I enjoy sniffing it’s light, orange scent.

Ultra Defining Gel Strong Hold No Crunch Styler
The Ultra Gel by DevaCurl is another holy grail I’ve stumbled upon and by far the only gel that’s given my curls the hold it needs to retain shape! It’s absolutely non-drying and truly gives hair a strong hold without any crunch (once you SOTC if your hair forms a gel cast). I love this gel so much that I’ve purchased the liter version and am already going to purchase my second one soon! Compared to all other Deva gels, the Ultra Gel is my most favorite.

Set It Free Moisture Lock Finishing Spray
I honestly didn’t think I was ever going to love this finishing spray because I was afraid that it would either weigh my hair down or make it more frizzy, but that isn’t the case at all! I’ll intentionally use this before taking photos to give my hair an extra boost of shine.

Flexible Hold Hair Spray Touchable Finishing Styler
I’ve always been a hairspray fan so the fact that I’m using a hairspray from a brand whose products I already adore just makes my day even more. It seriously holds everything in place, but still allows my hair to be touchable and soft.

*I purchased DevaCurl products mentioned to try on my own. I was not paid nor sponsored to feature it. Reviews and opinions are my own. More hair inspiration here.

This is a photo of B'Leave In by DevaCurl

This is a photo of Ultra Defining Gel by DevaCurl

This is a photo of Styling Cream by DevaCurl

This is a photo of Flexible Hold Hairspray by DevaCurl

This is a photo of Set It Free by DevaCurl

This is a photo of Low Poo Delight by DevaCurl

This is a photo of One Condition Delight by DevaCurl

This is a photo of Beautiful Mess Pomade by DevaCurl


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